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Blind Guardian - A past and future secret

Oh I haven't been here for a while
In blindness and decay the circle's been closed now

My song of the end
I've seen it all

Listen crowd I'll tell you everything
Though I have to say I don't know much
Talking about a past and future secret
Most called him once and future king
Far back in the past I saw his ending
Long before it started I knew his name
He's the one who took the sword
Out of the stone
That's how that ancient tale began
I hear it in the cold winds

My song of the end
I had seen it in my dreams
My song of the end
I can't stop the darkening clouds

I feel cold
When I cry out for the bark
Take him back to Avalon
Dwell on for a new age
So long sleep well my friend
Take him back to Avalon
I will wait and guard
The future king's crown

My song of the end
It was nice but now it's gone
My song of the end
It was fixed the whole time
My song of the end
I saw it all

Tags: music: blind guardian
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